Sunday, March 21, 2010

So What's New?

Autumn and Isaac are having an after bath story time in this photo. She's such a good big sister!

So what's new in our world?

Isaac has been a good boy lately and he's been doing wonderful with his oxygen requirements. Periodically we have been taking him off of the oxygen and he does great! Spring is in the air and yesterday he went for his first stroll of the season around the park. He loved it!

He got fitted for glasses last Monday, so they should be arriving soon. We meant to do that a long time ago, but the little stinker kept going to the hospital. He's going to look SO cute in them and I will be sure to post photos. The lady at the eyeglass store was super nice. She let us come in before hours so that we could stay away from the germies.

On Friday we went to the Neurologist. He went over the most recent MRI, which was done in December. They wanted to rule out that he wasn't having any changes, since he was requiring so much oxygen during that time in the hospital. Everything looks good, no changes. His main brain abnormality since birth is the small Cerebellum and Microcephaly. He's not having any breakthrough seizures, so we didn't change any of his medications. He was actually impressed with Isaac's awareness when we described what he's been doing lately. I love his Neurologist...he's such a nice guy, but I didn't like him at first when he told us that he didn't know if Isaac would ever recognize us (in which he totally does and more).

We have also been looking for houses like crazy and we are about to go crazy! We really love were we live, but the house is not going to work for us as Isaac gets bigger. We have been looking for houses with a bedroom that he can have on a main level. So far the good ones are either sold or wouldn't work for us. I know that God has a plan for us, even if it means were are supposed to stay here for a little while longer.


Lacey said...

Sounds like great appointments! I hope you find the right house soon. I pulled a paper on a house for sale in my neighborhood like mine. Just to see what they are going for now. Wow they have dropped a lot! When we bought ours 1 1/2 years ago we paid 270,000 for a forclosure. At the time it was worth about 350,000. My neighbors have theirs listed for 295,999! They do want a quick sale, but that is way down!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How cute are they together, all clean from the bath! :) It's always good when MRIs are unchanged. My Peanut has microcephaly as well, and a thinned corpus collosum. Have you ever checked out It's a great organization!

Sherry C said...

Oh have fun house shopping I hope you find the perfect place. Sounds like his lungs are doing great that is really good news after such a rough winter. I'm going to tell my husband to read your comments on my blog hopefully he will get the hint.

Junior said...

such a cute pic, glad Issac is doing well

Cathy said...

Colleen, I just wanted to say Thank you for stopping by Annabel's site. Your children are so beautiful and Isaac is such a handsome guy. I will come back to catch up and read.