Saturday, February 27, 2010

Since coming home........

Since coming home from the hospital Isaac has been a very busy boy. He's been......




And just enjoying LIFE at home.

Today is a very big day! Our dog Brownie just turned 4 years old. I'm a nut when it comes to dogs. Brownie is more like my 3rd child than just a pet, so I like making her birthday extra special. Autumn had her friend over today and they helped me make meat loaf cupcakes with cheese frosting.

Vegetarians: Beware of photos.

Here are the cupcakes made with beef, cheese and a tasty marinade. A dream come true!She's like, "hurry up Dad and give me those cupcakes already!"A meal fit for a queen!

Happy Birthday Brownie! We love you!


Junior said...

Happy Birthday Brownie, those cupcakes actually look quite yummy.

Issac looks great, love that big smile.

Lacey said...

We love doggies too. We hope to get a new Shepard puppy in the next couple of months! Jax has been a busy boy since he's been home too. He's try to move all over! I feel bad because it seems he's trying to do things that his body just can't do!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brownie,

Send me some of those. They look good!

Rose said...

Isaac looks so happy to be home. His smile just lights up his face. Adorable!