Monday, February 1, 2010

It Could Be A Loooong Day

Isaac seemed to be on the mend, but now his oxygen requirements have increased and he has yellow stuff coming out of his trach. Yellow is never a good color in the trach world...this usually means infection city is brewing.

Since he will need a whole work up (chest xray, trach culture and a blood gas) the home nurse and I may be spending the day in the ER. I want to see what other options Pulmonology has for us this morning, but I have a feeling they will just think I'm nuts for not taking him in sooner.

Please, please pray that we can get him evaluated without an admit.


Team Carter Jay said...

Praying like crazy!!!! Please keep us updated!

Alicia said...

Oh gosh, I am praying like mad over here. No hospital admit!! I am so sorry your Little Man is sick. It seems like the "in" thing with our blog buddies right now. : (

Junior said...

Praying that you can avoid a hospital admit.
Big hugs