Friday, January 8, 2010

How Many?

How many diapers can one little man go through in one day?? Isaac is still struggling after getting the cdiff. I thought he was doing better, but the past 2 days he's been going through diapers like mad. The pediatrician said it will run it's course, but I'm wondering when they think it will run it's course. I'm waiting for them to call me soon. So far I've tried every probiotic in the book and nothing is really working. So please pray for some relief!! And soon!

On a fantastic note, we had a blood gas drawn yesterday and his Co2 (carbon dioxide) levels are significantly lower than they were a couple of weeks ago. He was in the red zone right after we took him home, which makes a Mom a little worried. The pulmonlologist was pleased and wants him to continue using bi-pap at night, which seems to be helping him a great deal.

Oh, I forgot to mention my birthday! My family came over and we had pizza, cake and presents. Isaac got some belated Christmas presents too! He enjoyed getting some holding time with Autumn and his cousin Chelstie.
I also got a new cookbook from my Nana. I admit, the title threw me off at first, but it has some fast and easy recipes. Just what I needed! Thanks Nana!At the end of day it was time for Isaac to get some serious napping in with his Daddy.

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Anonymous said...


Those are great pictures! It looks like in the napping picture that Isaac has his teddy bear and Daddy has his own "daddy size" bear (lol).It was a good time for your birthday. We all enjoyed it.

Isaac, I pray you continue to get better with all the diaper changes.

Love, Gammy