Thursday, October 29, 2009

1 Year Ago

I posted some pics of Isaac from October 2008. As you can see he was still such a tiny thing. That's him with his "Gammy."
"Do you think If I look cute enough I'll get some candy?"
Isaac has been a busy man lately with appointments. When we saw his Pediatrician he decided to start weaning him off of the diuretics that he's been on for a year in a half. When he was about 10 months old he started retaining a lot of fluid in his body. At first the doctors didn't know what was going on after doing many tests, so they diagnosed him with Lymph edema. So we tried massaging him and putting tights on his legs to decrease the swelling. At one point the poor guy was so swollen he could hardly move! I was finally done dealing with the doctors shrugging their shoulders and telling us to massage him. I took him to the ER and wouldn't take Lymph edema as an answer so they prescribed him a diuretic that he could take long term. Instantly we saw a difference in his fluid retention and his weight gain eventually was a normal gain and not related to the fluid. Since taking this long term, we have had to monitor his potassium levels closely and he's had to take a supplement so that his levels don't get too low. So hopefully little man will not retain water with this weaning process, but if he does, well, I guess we just go back to square one.

I have been on the fence lately about the h1n1 shot. They are offering it at Isaac's school, but I wanted to talk more in depth with the Pulmonologist about it. He talked to me on Wednesday about the pros and con's. Then we started talking about his immune study. He explained that Isaac has an immune system that matures slowly. Basically his immune system is like a 6 month old baby instead of a 2 year old. One question I asked was why it's not recommended for babies to get the h1n1 shot. He said because their immune systems are not mature enough. Soooo, this makes me wonder...would the shot even work for him? I don't know. I wish their was a black and white answer. Why do these decisions have to be so difficult?

Thank you for praying and thinking about my mother-in-law. She is now in town here and staying in a rehab facility. Hopefully soon she will recover from her fall and be able to come home.



Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe a whole year has gone by since the picture of me and Isaac in his doggy outfit. He certainly has gotten bigger since then. You don't realize it until you look back. Now, he's a cute pumpkin this year and still cute as a bug in a rug! I'm going to be "Gammy" for Halloween. How original is that?

Love and lots of hugs, Gammy

Amber said...

How cute! I can't wait to see pics from this year!!
I'm with you on the H1N1...I have days where I have complete peace and others where I wonder.
Nothing easy about being a parent! :0)

Alicia said...

Isaac is the cutest Dalmatian I have ever seen!! Adorable.

I'm praying for Isaac in the diuretic weaning process. Also praying for you having to make this very difficult decision about the H1N1 shot. As you know, we decided to get Marissa the shot but it's not available in our area yet. You asked if Jeremy and I are going to get the shot too? I would like to, since we are her caregivers but I'm not sure they will let us with their restrictions because of short supply. I'll ask if we can and we'll see what they say. I too hate the fact it is such an agonizing decision. Nothing seems easy anymore!

Praying for your MIL.

Have a very Happy Halloween and a great weekend!

Junior said...

Happy Halloween, such a cute little guy

Kara Grace said...

Good for you to follow your 'mommy instincts' to get Isaac on a diuretic. Its hard, the h1n1. I hope that soon the fog will clear and you'll know for sure that yes or no is whats best. Praying for you all.
xoxo Kara Grace