Friday, August 28, 2009

The Purple Cast

This week Isaac had an appointment with the urologist on Monday and the pulmonologist on Tuesday. On Thursday I took Autumn to the pediatrician and then today she had an appointment with the Orthopedic doctor. I'm thinking the dog is overdue for her shots. What the heck, maybe I'll squeeze that in too! :)

Isaac has been stable since starting the Tobi and is back to baseline with his oxygen requirements. Woohoo! I love it when we can treat him at home. The pulmonologist is losing his nurse practitioner in October so our next appointment won't be until March! I sure hope they find someone soon and Isaac stays well between now and then. Thank goodness for phones, right? Isaac's awareness is increasing by the day. He now does many things on cue, such as when we ask him to touch is nose or clap. He's also becoming quite social and waves hello and bye bye to everyone he meets on cue, which he's been doing awhile, but he's getting better at not being so selective. It's so cute to see how happy he gets when we praise him!

So Autumn got an "official" cast put on today. She chose d
ark purple or I like to call it Barney purple. Here it is.....
Her wrist isn't showing signs of healing yet on the X-ray, but the doctor said since the fall was so recent he wouldn't expect to see noticeable healing for another couple of weeks. Autumn will have to wear her cast for about 4-5 weeks he said. Tuesday she starts 2nd grade at the school she went to for pre-k and are so looking forward to seeing familiar faces from when she attended there then.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

Well Autumn, Now how did I know you would have picked either pink or purple for your cast. It looks really cool. I like that dark purple. Take good care of your wrist, and no more monkey bars! I had a lot of fun at the mall with you yesterday!

Love, Gammy

Michelle said...

Gotta love that tobi! Glad he is doing better. Wow, that is one purple cast, I hope she's not too bummed out that she has to have it.

Junior said...

Issac I am so happy to hear that you are doing good, keep up the good work.

Luci Anderson said...

Wowowowow! You Grove's know how to keep moving and not slow down. Between the smiling and ever growing Isaac to big sister Autumn starting school with her new purple case,and now the dog joining in on the merry-go-around. Your playground is getting a work out. I love hearing about all the progress Isaac is making, it makes me really know what love is all about! Have a great weekend, and Autumn I hope you really enjoy school, your new case is really purple.

A Journey With Hope said...

It is so great to hear that Isaac is doing things on cue!! The social part is fantastic too! Soak it all in, you deserve it!!!