Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boys And Their Toys

So I was trying to find a cause and effect game for Isaac that we could hook up to his big screen TV. I finally found this vsmile baby toy. It's great! Even better, I found it at Wally World. There are a few games to chose from where he can see the colors and shapes change on the big screen when he presses any button. Isaac's sister was excited to see that her little brother is playing video games now just like the rest of the family....LOL.
Today we went to the neurologist and there were no changes made to his medications. He has a very mild seizure disorder. In fact he only had some when he was a little infant. Still the neurologist doesn't want to rock the boat, so he has kept him on the same amount of Keppra since he was 7 months old. I was interested in learning more about the stiff fingers/joints and whether it was neuro related. The doc said a big word that I had never heard of before called Arthrogryposis. What a mouthful! I guess I have some researching to do.

Last weekend it was 100 degrees, but we managed to stay cool by spending a day on the lake swimming and cruising around on my Dad's boat. We had a nice time and got some much needed rest and relaxation.

Well, have a great rest of the week everyone!



Hope said...

Like you needed another big word to learn, right? LOL

He's so darn cute.

Junior said...

Issac love your new "video game", have fun playing. Junior has that same stander, and loves playing his games in it also.

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Austin has that same game system. I hope Isaac enjoys it.

Anthony's Family said...

OH MY GOSH COLLEEN HE LOOKS SO GROWN UP!!!! It was a month ago that I last saw him and he is looking more like a little boy. They grow too fast! Love the pics of him.

Alicia said...

He looks so great, what a joy for him to be able to play with his video games!!

Connor's Mom said...

I'll say one thing for having kids like ours: it sure does expand one's vocabulary.

We have a V-Smile and Connor won't do a thing with it. Glad you're getting some mileage out of yours. Isaac looks so adorable playing with it; he has the best smile! You just have to smile along with him too-- you can't help it!


Michelle said...

He looks like he is having a ball with his "video games"!!! Great Job Isaac!!!