Friday, June 26, 2009

Friends Through Seasons Of Change

Recently a friend who also has a special needs child mentioned how difficult it has been to connect with her old friends since her child came into the world.

Having a child with special health care needs has changed my whole perspective on life and relationships. When I see other Mom's talking about the latest tupperware bowl or what's in their spice rack, I want to close my eyes real hard and remember a time when my life was that simple.

Even though my life consists of nurses, appointments and medical decisions, it's actually nice to sit down and talk about the simple things in life. I'm thankful for those people in my life who I can have these simple conversations with. I'm also blessed to know a few people who I can talk to at a more deeper level. I know the relationship will endure even through the seasons joy of and hardship. I know when they ask me how Isaac is doing they really want to know.

This book called "Grown Up Girlfriends" has been on my shelf for 3 months and I finally got around to reading it. One chapter talks about how friends come in 3 categories, like in baskets.

Basket #1 are know-it-all friends. These are the ones who I'm more likely to walk through conflict with. They are the ones I'm comfortable sharing my true feelings with. They know the ups and downs of my life really well. I can probably count these friends on one hand.

Basket #2 are good friends. These are the ones who I can talk beyond the surface with. They may share a special interest or activity with me. I have some friends like these at church or recently through having a special needs child.

Basket #3 are acquaintances. They know a few facts about me, such as my name or that I have curly hair. They don't really know much about me and my life. I probably know at least 100 of these people!

Isaac's life has changed my perspective on relationships, but the cool thing is I've been able to still connect with the simple people who were in my life B.I (before Isaac) and also people I never would've known if it were not for him!

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