Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tired Mama

So Lynn and I went up to the ER this morning hoping to just get a chest xray done and then be on our way home, but since Isaac had such an increase in his 02 last night they decided to admit him overnight. Well after getting upstairs the cultures came back from his trach and the doctor decided to keep him for possibly a couple more days on IV antibiotics. Although it's never fun to go to the hospital, it was nice to see some familiar faces who had not seen Isaac in awhile. All of the nurses couldn't believe how much he had grown since our last admit in September. Anyway, right now I am going to bed because I didn't get very much sleep last night because I was so worried about Isaac, then I was at the hospital for 11 hours. Whew! I'm hoping that soon I can get this email subscription figured out so that I can program it for people to get notifications on the same day and not the next day. Bare with me, I will figure it out someday, but for now......yawn......sleepy time.



Marissa said...

Sorry Isaac is sick enough to warrant a hospital stay. Way to keep a positive attitude though! Praying that he gets better soon and you have a sweet but short reunion with his nurses! :)

Have a Happy Mother's Day!


Anthony's Family said...

Hey Colleen I am sending you a big (((HUG))). Praying Issac is released really soon. Hope you were able to sleep a little and are rested enough to go kiss those kissable cheeks. I'll be home from Tacome tonight, I'll call you. Take care.

Junior said...

Keeping Issac in our prayers, hope he is out of there very quickly.

Cjengo said...

Hope he gets well soon

Pauline said...

Sorry to hear Isaac is in hospital. Hoping he will be home again soon and doing much better.HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.
Keeping you & your family in our prayers.
Love & hugs
Pauline & Lena