Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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So after letting me vent the other day I decided to try this neat way of blogging by talking about the hi's and lo's of the week. If you're an email subscriber, you may not get notification until Friday morning, so I guess we can just call it Hi Lo Thursday and Friday. (:


My daughter is taking a teakwondo test today and if she passes she will get a trophy for being halfway to black belt. You go girl!

My husband keeps hinting that he wants to buy me a new laptop. I'm wondering what he has up his sleeve. He keeps measuring my computer screen to see what size it is.

I got to meet with an old friend last Thursday who makes me laugh so hard. It's always good to have friends like that.

I am so blessed to have women at my church who have walked through many hi's and lo's with me and still love me unconditionally. They have prayed with me, cried with me and laughed with me. Where else do you find people like that?


Aside from the obvious (Gabby's passing)...... I've been going to bed waaaaaay to late and paying for it!

I've been dreaming of a day without anyone in my home where I could just sit with the boy and watch the world go by. This week especially.

I admit, I'm getting a little stressed about this flu going around, especially with an immune compromised kid and my husband and daughter are flying to Texas next month...should I really be worried?

What was your hi and lo this week


Colleen said...


Pauline Salter said...

Hoping you are having a better week Colleen, with lots of hi's. Also hoping that Autumn passed her test and is now the proud owner of a new trophy.
Isaac is looking so good & I just adore his smile. Keeping you all close in our prayers.
Love & hugs, Pauline & Lena xoxxo