Saturday, February 7, 2009

Youtube video

Isaac's in an awareness video for Chromosome Disorder Outreach at

He's the really cute one at the end of video #3 with the dalmation outfit. I think these videos are great because they show the names and faces of the many children who can be born with a variety of chromosomal disorders. Before I had Isaac I only knew about trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome). I will keep this link available on the side of my blog.

We're doing great and the Neuro appointment went well, no changes. Our anniversary weekend getaway is next week and couldn't come soon enough! It will be very nice to get away and momentarily be out of touch with reality for awhile. I'm also looking forward to getting a hot stone massage at the SPA. Yes, my husband has spoiled me once again!

Thank you for those who sent a prayer or a note of encouragement to Gabby's family on cb. They are very overwhelmed right now as she finally came home from the hospital, but has many more health care needs. We all know here how overwhelming that can be.

Blessings, Colleen


Gammy said...

Hi Isaac,

So, you're a big celebrity now. I see how cute you are, especially in your doggie outfit. I am so happy you are doing much better than a year ago, and I see you growing and developing a little step at a time every time I see you. Keep up the good work and make those fun toys GO!

Lots of love,
your Gammy

Michelle said...

Have a wonderful weekend away..I've never had a hot stones massage but I do get plently of regular massages.

Michelle & Bailey

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine Day!

Have fun at the SPA. I wish I could come.

Brooke & Keller