Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yellow, Silver And Other Brilliant Colors

first off, Isaac has been a little under the weather over the weekend. He has yellow trach secretions, a wheeze in both lungs and a low grade fever. Hopefully he will be feeling just fine with our bag of tricks by time his appointment comes at Shriner's Hospital on Wednesday.

Isaac's favorite gold foil bit the dust last week so my husband made a special trip to the craft store and bought him a collection of silver foil that he can play with. What a good Daddy!

The bracelet I'm wearing with
the brilliant colors is a chromosome disorder awareness bracelet. 25% of the purchase goes towards Chromosome Disorder Outreach to provide education, advocacy and support for parents who are raising children with rare chromosome disorders. I can't say enough about this organization as the home page says it all "you're here and you're not alone." Through a couple of message boards I have been able to find other parents who have also wondered themselves "am I alone in all of this?"Even if I can't find someone with the exact same chromosome arrangement as Isaac, I know we are all somehow in the same boat and that is so encouraging.

So I will be taking a bloggy break for now, thank you for the continued prayers for Isaac's health!



Marissa said...

Praying for Isaac to get well soon.


joan's blessings said...

Hannah always loved all the silver and gold too...especially the mylar balloons..she would get so excited over them...since she has limited vision, I think a lot of it was the feel of them...

Junior said...

Issac I sure hope you start feeling better, you have such a great smile.
Junior also loves the silver paper and likes to lay on it and feel the noise it makes when he moves.
blogger is finally letting me leave comments yeah

Anthony's Family said...

Praying for Isaac. Let me know if I can do anything. Take care.


Cjengo said...

I am saying prayers!

Amber said...

You have been such an encouragement to me! Praying your little one is feeling better very soon....I'm off to check out this web site.